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August 30, 2015

 Parish Announcements for Sunday, August 30, 2015


Holy Mass:  Please note today, Sunday there will be only one mass at 10:30 AM. Everyone please plan to attend.


Retreat: Fr. Xavier Khan Vattai and Team’s Abhishekagnni retreat was a grant success. Thanks to all the volunteers and the committee members for their exceptional hard work and commitment. Special thanks to Mathew Kairen for coordinating the retreat.

Video recording of the Abhishekagnni retreat for all three days is available on our church website.


CCD Registration: Our CCD Registrations for the new academic year (2015-16) already started. The fee per family for the registration is $100.00. All old registration also needs to be renewed. For more details, please contact Renny polo, Mariella Payyapally or the trustees.


Church Souvenir: As announced earlier, details from the existing parish directory will be included as part of the souvenir. Parishioner's name, address & phone numbers from the old directory might be included along with the current or updated pictures.  Please note that the size of these pictures will be 1/8th of a page. If you do not want your information to be added in the souvenir, please contact the committee as early as possible. 

Also, if you would like to publish bigger size picture, or would like to give any advertisements, please contact the souvenir committee.


Parish Picnic: Our parish picnic is scheduled in Montgomery Park in Skillman, NJ on coming Sunday, September 13th at 12 noon after the CCD classes. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. The Adult lead for the parish picnic is Shijo Menachery and the Youth leads are Luke Manjooran, Gemma George and Sneha Panakkal. Please contact them for additional details.

Theology Class: We are planning to start the Theology class in October. Those who are interested should register the program at the earliest. The UG and PG courses are approved by the UGC of India, whose recognition is universally valid. The program is valid ecclesiastically as well. In order to register the course, you may download the application form from website, The fee for the program is $500. For more details contact Achen or trustees.

Food Program: If you have not already paid for the food program, please bring your payments to Jerry George, Sojimon James or the trustees with memo on the check as “Food Program 2015”. The payment options are: Family $400, Two members $ 250, Single $ 150. For occasional lunch, the cost is $15 for a family and $5 for one person.

Sponsorship: We are planning to do the sponsorship plaques by October. For this we need to complete the final list by September 15th. Please let Molly Nellikuneel or the trustees know in case if you would like sponsor any church items before September 15th.

Pledge Collections: Our expected average weekly pledge collection is $8795. Last week our pledge collection was $4790. Please catch up with your pledge, Onetime and sponsorship payments. Thank you for your contributions and support

St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Forane Church
508 Elizabeth Avenue,
Somerset, NJ 08873

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Aug 30, 2015