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Aug 16, 2015

Thanks to pothupani volunteers: Thank you all joseph fathers, marian mothers, youth and kids who helped with the pothupani yesterday.

Youth and kids meeting with George Devassy: Our teens and youth have a wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. George Devassy a great devotional speaker, who is coming to our church on Wednesday August 19th from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. George Devassy has a real passion for the youth and for his faith as a Catholic. It is this passion that led him to become the international coordinator of the Jesus Youth lay movement at the age of 26. The sessions will be done in two age groups (Session 1 for the 7th/8th/9th graders and session 2 for the Youth (who are 10th grade and above). Don't miss this great opportunity meet this young evangelist of our times, and allow your teen/youth to be inspired and evangelized.

Retreat: All the parishioners who have registered for the retreat, please collect your retreat admission badges, today from the registration counters setup in the fellowship hall. Those who have not paid the registration fees yet, please make the payments today to any committee members or the Trustees.

Special Vigil Mass: We will have a special vigil mass on Saturday 22nd August (that is next Saturday) at 6.30 PM, for the people who are not attending the Sunday Retreat mass. Also please note that the Sunday retreat mass may not be exactly at 10.30 AM as it is dependent on the retreat.

Retreat Volunteers Meeting: All the volunteers for the retreat, please stay back in the church for a quick meeting right after this announcement. There is a separate meeting for the first aid committee members at 1.30 PM in the fellowship hall. If anyone is interested to join the first aid committee

Parish Council Meeting: We will have a parish council meeting today at 1.30 PM. All parish council members please plan to attend and assemble at Achan’s office.

Bathroom Usage: As you might have noticed the bathrooms here at the narthex area are clogged and it cannot be used now. As announced earlier these 2 bathrooms should be used only in case of an emergency. Otherwise please reserve it for the handicapped or the aged people.

Church blessing expense fund: Thanks to the 98 families who have contributed so far towards the new Church blessing expense fund. If you have not already contributed, kindly bring your payment of $100 per family to Vijoy Alexander, Jerry George or the Trustees.

Parish Picnic: Our parish picnic is scheduled in Montgomery Park in Skillman, NJ on Sunday, September 13th at 12 noon after the CCD classes. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. The Adult lead for the parish picnic is Shijo Menachery and the youth leads are Luke Manjooran, Gemma George and Sneha Panakkal. Please contact them for additional details.

Food Program: If you have not already paid for the food program, please bring your payments to Jerry George, Sojimon James or the trustees with memo on the check as “Food Program 2015”. The payment options are: Family $400, Two members $ 250, Single $ 150. For occasional lunch, the cost is $15 for a family and $5 for one person.

New Comers: We have a custom to introduce new comers to this church. If anyone is coming to this church for the first time, could you please stand up and introduce yourself?

Sponsorship: We are planning to do the sponsorship plaques by October 2015. For this we need to complete the final list by September 15th. Please let Molly Nellikuneel or the trustees know in case if you would like sponsor anything before September 15th.

Pledge Collections: Our expected average weekly pledge collection is $8795. Last week our pledge collection was $5890. Please catch up with your pledge, Onetime and sponsorship payments. Thank you for your contributions and support

Announcement Date: 
Aug 16, 2015