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Community Service

Our church, still at its infancy, realized the importance of community service in order to be called the followers of Christ. In the beginning, it was not an easy task for us. We had to step out of our comfort zones and make a leap to care for people with disabilities. Soon we realized that it was one of the most satisfying, fun, and productive ways to unite the people to help our needy world and thus, spread the love of Jesus.

Benefits realized in Jesus

Our church believes that the Holy Spirit is within us and we are connected to every human being in this world through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, in Matthew 25:40, "Whatever you did for one of these lesser brothers of mine, you did for me." Hence, in order to be called as the real followers of Christ we should meet this basic teaching of Jesus.

Community service can truly help to change the viewpoint of a recipient because of one person's or a group’s act of charity. When knowing that the groups of servers are from a church, the recipient’s respect for the religion will increase tremendously. Hence, through the community service, our church is spreading the love of Jesus by letting the less fortunate know that someone out there is caring for them.

Remarkable things happen when the Holy Spirit works on our congregation to make us offer ourselves for service. We assisted kids and adults that were mentally and physically handicapped, people with Down syndrome and paralyzed individuals. It was not easy to see the shocking facts of life; people going through so much pain in their day-to-day lives, people who were left neglected. Later on, these angels of God made us realize the fact that we can truly see Jesus through serving these less fortunate. We understood the meaning of what Mother Teresa said, "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."

As human beings, we are closely depended on the nature; hence it is our responsibility to keep God’s creations as beautiful as it can be. By helping with the nature clean up, the lost charm is brought back to nature, and thus preserving it for our future generations.

Our children and youth participating in these events recognize the importance of ‘giving’ early in their life and thus, continue with these selfless acts throughout their life. This will help them to understand how blessed we are and appreciate all what we have in life.